Tadhamon Capital set for official launch in the Kingdome of Bahrain

Tadhamon Capital, one of the newest Islamic investment companies in Bahrain, is all set for its official launch which is due to take place later this month. The company was licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a category 1 investment company last year and commenced operations during the last quarter of 2008.

It is the first investment company in Bahrain fully owned by Yemeni shareholders and is poised to open the doors to greater two-way investments between GCC and other MENA countries and Yemen.

Tadhamon Capital is a 100% owned subsidiary of Tadhamon International Islamic Bank, the largest bank in Yemen (TIIB), which is itself majority owned by a large and highly reputed Yemeni conglomerate, Hayel Saeed Anam & Co (HSA) Group, with Qatar Islamic Bank also as a prominent shareholder.

Established in 1938, Hayel Saeed Anam Group (‘HSA Group’) of companies is one of the largest and premier business conglomerates in Yemen with business activities spread across a diverse geographic region including Europe, Asia, the GCC and North Africa. The HSA Group paysspecial attention to social development and effective participation in the economic growth and development of the countries in which it operates.

Tadhamon International Islamic Bank (‘TIIB’) is the largest bank in Yemen and offers Islamic banking and investment services to a broad demographic of customers in Yemen and abroad. TIIB most recently set up a bank in Indonesia and is reviewing a number of other opportunities in South Asia and the MENA region.

Tadhamon Capital’s vision is to become a leading financial institution that promotes Islamic finance on a global level by providing its investors with attractive, diversified and innovative Sharia’a compliant solutions.

Focusing initially on the management of existing assets of its shareholders, the Company aims to structure, launch and manage new investments and products across its main business lines which include Asset Management, Private Equity, Real Estate, Treasury and Wealth Management.

The Company’s specialist Asset Management Team will manage high-net-worth and institutional investors’ funds as well as proprietary investments, while ultimately protecting and enhancing client wealth. Asset Management will build on the vision of Tadhamon Capital to offer its investors attractive, diversified Shari’a compliant solutions in order to optimize their returns. These solutions include: Discretionary Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, and Structured Products.

Private Equity is also expected to be one of the key drivers of Tadhamon Capital, and will focus on providing growth and expansion capital to companies identified with superior return potential over a pre-determined investment horizon.

It is currently expected that the greatest potential for private equity performance is likely to be in sectors such as agribusiness, manufacturing, marine, healthcare, education and services.

The Company will seek to leverage the extensive experience of the HSA Group across various industries and sectors in several countries.

Tadhamon Capital will play an active role in arranging real estate transactions including acquisition, sale and development across various conventional and non-conventional classes of real estate.

The Company will also focus on infrastructure and master plan development throughout the MENA region, with a focused hands-on approach overseeing project development from concept to completion.

The Company’s strong ability to identify and assess attractive real estate investment opportunities is based on a solid understanding of the market, strong fundamental analysis and extensive experience.

Tadhamon Capital prides itself on its ability to leverage on its unparalleled access to both on-market and off-market transactions, through an established network of relationships with brokers, owners, real estate funds and investment managers.

TIIB and the HSA Group also have multi-dimensional expertise in real estate investments and have a successful track record in the asset class having pursued both regional and global opportunities in land, development, commercial and residential investments.

Treasury and Wealth Management at Tadhamon Capital actively arranges various Islamic Sharia’a compliant deposit products, securities and foreign exchange transactions. Principal products include Murabaha, Mudaraba and Wakala deposits, spot foreign exchange in regional and international currencies, commodities, and Sukuk securities.

Tadhamon Capital has already built a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with outstanding credentials and track records. The Company has also invested significantly in implementing state-of-the-art systems and technology solutions that are tailored to its Islamic Sharia’a compliant business model.