Tadhamon Capital’s CEO interviewed by the Gulf Daily News

Tadhamon Capital is an investment company, regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain and seeks to service the flourishing market for Sharia’a compliant investment services in both the GCC and the wider Middle East region.

"Our main focus is to act as an asset and fund manager," said Tadhamon Capital chief executive officer Waleed Abdulla Rashdan. "We are establishing a new private equity fund, focusing mainly in the food and retail sectors, funded by our shareholders plus other investors," said Mr Rashdan.

"In the first three years, we invested in individual stand alone investments, especially in the social infrastructure sector in the UK, like student accommodation, healthcare and schools. "Having invested in three transactions, we are looking at establishing funds on this sector, where we have a commitment from day one and funds available to invest in similar investments. 
"In capital markets, we have invested in sukuk, commodities and equities.

So far, Tadhamon Capital has closed two transactions, The Coxlease Special Needs School in south of UK and Athena Hall student accommodation block in Ipswich, North London. 
A third transaction, student accommodation in Paris Gardens, in middle of London, is also being finalized. The company also invested in a professional labor accommodation camp in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, which has been progressing and performing exceptionally. 
Its main focus will continue in real estate in UK, Middle East, and Turkey, as a new market, as well as South and South East Asia.

Additionally, the company is working on a green field waste to energy project in Colombo, Srilanka, and hope to start the development of the project in six months.
Tadhamon Capital also manages a Sukuk portfolio for its investors in the Middle East and an equity portfolio, mainly in GCC markets, investing in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, and is looking at developing a new commodities portfolio, dealing in precious metals. "What really differentiates us from other investment companies is that we have a niche market in terms of raising money from investors as our parent and shareholders are from Yemen," said Mr Rashdan.

"Tadhamon Capital, being in Bahrain, acts as a conduit for investors, providing a financial structure and liquid investment opportunities not found in Yemen. "Our share holders bring their expertise, reputation and geographical diversification, in various industries, from London to Malaysia and Indonesia, using their presence in doing investments in these countries and markets.

"We deal with high net worth individuals and institutions who understand the risk we’re taking because of their solid understanding of the market and extensive experience in real estate and private equity. "Being a Sharia’a compliant company, we have an added advantage that all our investments are backed by physical assets."

"We are optimistic about the future and are working on a five year plan that will focus on the three business lines, mainly through funds, whilst continuing to be opportunistic in case of attractive individual transactions. 
"We’ll also try to promote wealth management functions, providing a complete solution for high net worth individuals.

"Funds and wealth management remains our main focus, while trying to enhance our investor base and expand into other GCC countries.