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Tadhamon Capital seeks to maximize returns for its clients and stakeholders by identifying superior investment opportunities with well managed risk.

Sound risk management is the cornerstone of the Company’s investment decision making process.  A sophisticated framework is being implemented for the Company encompassing a comprehensive structure of risk limits, monitoring mechanisms and effective management oversight.

The Risk Management Division is fully independent of the business units and reports directly to the Executive Director – Finance & Operations.  Risk Management is involved proactively in each transaction and structure, right from the inception.  The Head of Risk Management is a member of the Company’s Investment Committee.

Risk limits have been designed to control exposure to any country or region, industry or sector, currency, and any single obligor.  Investment decision making is guided by the principles of diversification and optimization.

Besides having limits in place to control and manage investment risk, there are strictly enforced limits in place to manage the Company’s market risk, liquidity risk, and operational risks.